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Eternal sleep... - 90%

ᴎostalgiʞK, June 13th, 2019

A truly atmospheric record, incredible good.

The record starts with a melancholic, murky piano, we can find lots of melodies, beauty and powerful compositions produced by numerous instruments which persist forming magnificence structures by synthesizers, echoes, choruses produced by keyboards, synths similar to church pianos, including “funeral” ones, “technologic” sound, great change of melodies from doom metal to modern atmospheric black metal and the typical shriek singing of it. The album introduces growling vocals also.

The band even creates a wonderful, magisterial “galactic” melodies that reminds me of the band Lumnos, even synthesizers create sounds similar to harps in one song and some kind of “Asian” melodies in other. The atmosphere varies so much, immensely, that this album seems to be some kind of metal “orchestra”, since the melodies adapt so good between each other that is wonderful.

The record contains powerful drums that reminds me of Shining – V Halmstad album, on the other hand, drums are also really calmly and slow in some parts. The sound of these drums is really "clean", everything that is played can be easily heard.

A traditional thing that I found in this album is the fact that vocals works on this genre as another instrument too, part of the atmospheric metal is to contain a voice that works as an additional instrument, the vocals should never overpass other instrument and this record managed to work on that perfectly.

Guitars vary a lot, from brutal and really distorted compositions to clean tranquilly sounds.

Near the end of the album, will appear sounds of a wood fire being escorted by a "funeral" piano and birds, maybe this means that “after all we have reached the end of our life, or we had just woke up from our eternal sleep just to give one last breath to formerly shut down forever”