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Two killer bands on one 7"!!!! - 90%

dismember_marcin, March 12th, 2014

Can there be a better idea than to release a split seven inch single with two among the best old styled death metal bands around nowadays? I am totally into it, especially as I am also a big fan of both these bands… So, here we have Graveyard from Spain and Entrails from Sweden. I trust that I don’t need to introduce you to these two acts; they should be largely known to all death metal maniacs around. All in all, both have released several killer albums and other releases, which you must have in your collection.

Let’s start with the better of two sides of the vinyl. Graveyard offers a new, exclusive song titled “Silent Whispers of the Graveless” and damn, it is just totally killer, perfectly composed and performed Swedish death metal cult. The song begins brilliantly, setting up the horror, eerie mood right from the start, with nice, melodic theme and then shredding and ripping with pure, classic riffing in the vein of Dismember, God Macabre, Goddefied, Gorement, Desultory, etc... I cannot imagine a better way to pay a tribute to these bands and scene, really! But Graveyard has this great ability to compose perfectly sounding songs, they may not be innovative at all, but sound just as great as the old, classic stuff (oh, these riffs!!! This sound!); only it is even more vicious, obscure and utterly fast in some parts. So, awesome, awesome song from Graveyard!!! And as for Entrails… their part of this split is less interesting, as it is just a live recording of “Unleashed Wrath”. The sound quality is very good I must say, so everything is fine, but I would just prefer to hear maybe a new, exclusive song here… Anyway, it is fine and definitely I always enjoy listening to this band. Besides, they have another 7” single released recently (“Berzerk”), which I will try to get as well, so nothing is lost...
Final rate: 90/100