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Great album, but somehow lacks... - 82%

Hellegion, March 5th, 2003

Here we have Gravewurm from the USA, not to be confused with Graveworm, a goth band. This band plays a Satanic black/death style similiar to a mixture of Beherit, Bathory, and Hellhammer, with fuzzed out guitars, deathly grunted vocals (similiar to Beherit), and a total old school feeling. The precussion is top notch, although I do wonder if they use a drum machine at times. THe guitar riffs are pretty close to Hellhammer, with some slowed down thrash riffing inserted for good measure. The songs all stay around the same tempo, which presents a problem... This release tends to blurr into one song; it is possibly the most one-dimensional release I have ever heard. A little tempo and riff variation would be nice! If you do not mind the one dimensional thing, love old school black/death metal, and a diehard satanic metal feeling, then this CD is for you.