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Neat little demo - 80%

caspian, August 13th, 2017

I've had a lot of successes with giving bands a look based on "well it's a neat little band name", and Graven Rite are another one on the list. It's not a groundbreaking demo, but a thoroughly enjoyable little slab of epic heavy metal nonetheless. The obvious comparison would be Eternal Champion with which Graven Rite share a bunch of members, but a bit more Blue Oyster Cult-ish, something like that. I'm not a huge trad metal expert or anything, but the usual comparisons fit well enough- basically Manilla Road, a bit more Manilla Road and maybe a touch of Brocas Helm to round it out.

The collection of songs here is a mix of decent, albeit slightly undercooked shorter, rockier tunes- Slave to The Night probably had Manilla Road's lawyer reaching for the phone, but it's certainly catchy enough- with the title track looming over everything else. It's an utterly fantastic tune, this big, ridiculously immersive doom tune with more atmosphere than Venus- hard not to talk about it without going into a bunch of very lame metaphors, but it's got a spell binding chorus with Taupey's fantastic, ethereal vocals soaring over a non more doomy dual guitar melody. Look, it's just a fantastic little tune and worth the price of admission alone.

All up, this isn't going to change anyone's life- three of the four tunes are certainly decent enough, just decent, none-more-80s-heavy-metal type stuff, but the title track is a hidden gem that is worth anyone's time. Well worth a look, it's a short little demo that's pretty fun.