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What the hell were they smoking while recording? - 60%

webermg, March 3rd, 2007

The production is awful. Not good awful, like raw black metal is supposed to be, just crap. The guitars sound pathetic, absolutely no bite at all. There might be some bass somewhere; I couldn't tell you. The keys are alright, but have a weird habit of being loud in parts and barely present in others. The drums are ok though. The production is so lousy it makes me literally fall asleep.

The music...well, I'm gonna have to file this one in the 'overrated' category. Not that it's terrible, it isn't, and for the most part is quite good, but there's just too much hype on this one. Hype sucks, and I should really stop listening to it. But even so, Blood of Christians on my Sword is a great song, as is The Time of Revenge. Born for War actually makes me want to kill Christians, it kicks so much ass. To Die in Fight is similarly awesome. Even the title track has its moments.

The Dark Battlefield is totally forgettable, literally. I've listened to this album numerous times and I can't remember a single note of it. Then you have Black Metal War, a completely stupid and pointless (and blessedly short) song. Why does this song exist? It doesn't fit the theme or mood of this album at all. It's between the twin greatnesses of Born for War and To Die in Fight, and totally jars you out of your good black metal stupor.

Anyways, once you get past the worthless production and couple of dud songs, you've got some good stuff here. Worth anyone's time, I say.