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A change in style for Graveland but still delivers - 95%

namelessheretic, January 18th, 2006

Production: Odd combination of each part being recorded poorly, but the mix as a whole being done perfectly.

Guitars are bold in their unconventional use of an almost twangy tone with less use of distortion than what is expected with black metal. Focus is taken away from distortion driven sound and put on the folk style strummed chords that lay the foundation of this release. With folky acoustic pieces being an overused trend in many lesser valued black metal albums, "Following..." takes the approach of actually using electric guitar to announce a better understood use of folk influenced songwriting. It is both a refreshing and inspirational approach.

Drumming is done in a style that Capricornus has intuitively perfected; a 6/8 timed "backwards" form. Backwards meant not in a literal sense, but in an abstract one. There is a deeper understanding of rhythm here, often misunderstood as being the opposite. Many believe the style of Capricornus is done the way it is because he doesn't know what he's doing; in reality the truth is that he knows exactly what he's doing. This reviewer believes the drum patterns on this album add a depth that is crucial to the overall feel of these songs; songs that with their epic style awaken the European mind to the aura of the ancients.

Although raw in sound, this album moves more intellectually into the realm of political thought, using fascist viewpoints to either awaken or alarm the listener. This stance offends many, which is humorous considering that black metal was never meant to be inoffensive.