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Blame the fucking tornado for Pete's sake - 70%

oneyoudontknow, May 1st, 2017
Written based on this version: 2017, CD, Reality Impaired Recordings

That bloody tornado that had hit Joplin a couple of years, in 2011 to be precise, ago appears to have messed up the sound of Gravehuffer quite a bit. Hardly any samples can be found in the tracks any more, also the metalness has changed to some extent and also atmosphere has shifted in a slightly different direction. Aside from the danger of being hit by flying debris, those twirling beasts of air can certainly make your head dizzy. No wonder that Gravehuffer have changed their music. At least they stayed somewhat close to the genre of their debut release... now and then.

And who would be surprised to see a change in the performance of the band? After the tornado had taken its toll on the town in the midwest of the United States, it was natural to find something about this in the music as well. Maybe this would be the reason, all is rather on the spot, there is not much of a messing around and the level of punk influences have increased, too. The album is more aggressive, delivers a larger amount of energy than was the case on the debut as well as compared with the music from the predecessor of this band, called Krom.

Even though the first and the last track each exceed the length of four minutes, all of the other tracks are (often) considerably shorter. Something not quite unexpected should someone has read read the two previous paragraphs; if not, then it is definitely your fault. Anyway, aside from the conceptual re-orientation the style of the band has actually remained the same. There is the same dirtiness to the atmosphere to the sound and again a certain nastiness to the vocals. Regarding the actual music, then it is a wild combination of various metal sound with influences from hardcore over to punk over to d-beat over to ... At times some form of thrash metal, then heavy metal and then a bit of death metal and then something in between. There is still something of S.o.D./M.o.D. in their sound or rather how the music comes over at times.

It is a dirty and nasty release that will definitely unleash its own type on tornado once played live and on stage. A wide variety of influences thrown together leave a lasting impression of a band whose concept appears to be to break border or to shatter them. The cover says it all somehow: a level of grittiness and a somewhat old-school vibe. Definitely not the ordinary stuff and definitely not a modern brew.