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An awesome 90s debute! - 93%

Dethrone_Tyranny, October 3rd, 2003

Grave Digger gave the 90s metal scene a swift kick in the balls with this release. It seems as if they have taken the aggression and speed of their first album, and combined it with a 90s production, which is almost as good as you can fuckin' get. The flaw here though, is that it was only done on a few songs, the first 4 to be exact. I would have ranked this album a bit better than HMB if all the tracks had the same quality, but they don't. Some are mid-paced, average sounding metal tunes with not much effort put into them, at least not by Grave Digger's standards. "The Reaper" and "Shadows On A Moonless Night" are 2 of Grave Digger's best songs, 'Shadows' being just catchy as fuck and 'The Reaper' is pure, fuckin' speed metal, 'Fight The Fight' is vicious as well. 'Wedding Day' and 'And The Devil Plays The Piano' are less impressive, though still solid efforts. Grave Digger finally makes an intro now in one of their albums, though not anywhere near a concept.

This release is much better than 'Witch Hunter' and 'War Games', but still doesn't give justice to the first album. Now as for their next release, well that's a differen't story... ;)

Best songs: The Reaper, Ride On, Shadows On A Moonless Night, Fight The Fight