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Back to their old power! - 85%

kluseba, October 6th, 2010

"The clans will rise again" is loosely bound on the band's classic "Tunes of war" and is in the same time a sort of renaissance of the band after the departure of two guitar players and the integration of the new guitar player Axel Ritt. And this album sounds really fresh and diversified. It goes back to the roots of their greatest hit but has still some new elements in it. This album has his own style and is only slightly influenced by "Tunes of wars" and no cheap rip-off. For those who don't know this band very well: This new album is a strong heavy or true metal album with a very hymnic, epic touch and historical inspired lyrics.

Many songs have a lot of interesting elements in it. "Highland farewell", for which a nice video clip has been shot, surprises with a very melodic and epic chorus with some decent pipers in the background. "Whom the gods love die young" is one of the most powerful and diversified songs on the album and there are more and more elements and details to discover each time to listen to the song. "Coming home" has a very dynamic groove and surprises with a very cinematic and dramatic chorus with choirs and pipers and would have even been one of the best songs on "Tunes of war". This one is easily my favourite song on the album. The final ballad "When rain turns to blood" is a very slow, epic, dark and simply intense song and a nice surprise.

Even the more traditional standard Grave Digger songs like "Hammer of the Scots" or "Spider" which are typical for the band and which you find on each of their albums sound fresh and are full of energy. There is not a single bad or boring song on this album and for Grave Digger standards, this one is open-minded and innovating.

Those who didn't like the last albums of the band and have always wished a return to their medieval trilogy will extremely appreciate this album. The fans of the new albums will get a heavy surprise and will be blown away. Sometimes, bands try to go back to their roots and don't reach their goals at all, but Grave Digger doesn't just want to sell this album and give overrated promises, they really do their very best in here. You can feel their motivation and passion again!

Grave Digger will rise again!