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In There (Somewhere) - 57%

OzzyApu, December 29th, 2010

“Shoot Her Down” appeared on the first demo, “Storming The Brain” is new, and “We Wanna Rock You” appeared on the last demo and would show up on the debut album. Three tracks and short lengths make this the shortest Grave Digger release of the ‘80s. That outdated pink cover art doesn’t help the eyes, but the music gets anyone back in the ‘80s mindset. However, these three don’t show a lot of variety, as they are all speed metal powerhouses.

Production and mixing has only gotten better since the first demo. Guitars, bass, drums, and vocals are now equals without one instrument dominating a recording, and the clarity stripped the musty fog that caused reverb early on. Fast tempos, fast riffs, vigorous playing, happy moods, and lively choruses - that’s what to expect with these three songs, with a lingering metallic tone to everything. Not that it makes anything tinny, but hear these songs and then hear something like Running Wild’s Gates To Purgatory and you’ll realize what I’m talking about. A little unfair since Gates To Purgatory is a full-length, but it’s a good comparison to go from something natural and ominous (that) to loud and very transparent (this).

Nonetheless, eclectic leads, fun riffs, pounding drums, grumbling bass, and desiccated yells from Boltendahl all make this a pleasurable release. Nothing’s chaotic or rigid, meaning loose but precise playing from guys that put flare into the music. In comparison, today’s Grave Digger is smooth and heavy; this is sharp and edgy. By the end of “Storming The Brain” I get a little carried away, wanting to listen to other Grave Digger songs that aren’t all about speed. That’s where this single drags, and it’s sad since it’s the band’s shortest release of the ‘80s.

So good luck to those who want this brightly recorded and brightly printed single. It’s a joyful release with nothing holding it back except the absence of variety. If speed is your thing and crisp, strong riffs put a smile on your face, then there isn’t a big reason as to why you wouldn’t like this. Listening to one of the Grave Digger full-lengths would be a better use of your time, though.