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Good & Rocking! - 80%

Nightrunner, December 4th, 2008

The Grave Digger’s are once again here with some new material (finally). Because of the last EP they did, the quite weak “Yesterday”, I didn’t really have high hopes for another such release. But, as soon as I had heard one spin through this one, it directly felt better. They have here concentrated on good, rocking songs instead of the a bit softer material on the last EP. Exactly what was needed, I think.

Exactly everything isn’t good, though. The ‘titletrack’ here which the EP is named after is the easily weakest song on here. Quite unusual song for being under the Grave Digger name. The song prooves that being experimental doesn’t always mean good. A little bit of modern rock feeling to the simple main riff, and for the whole song too. Weak start of the release. But it’s with the second song things are starting to roll. The cover-version of Motörhead’s “Overkill” is a piece of cake for the guys. Good, old-school song with the absolutely best solos you’ll find on this disc. The third song, “My Blood Will Live Forever”, is my favourite one though. This is Grave Digger! A very old-school 80’s (again!) and metallish main-riff, that keeps on going through the verses, just like it should be. Leads up to a melodic pre-chorus and chorus. Chris a bit lower vocals are awesome. The last track, “When The Sun Goes Down”, is in a bit slower and calmer tempo. Quite an unusal song this too for being Grave Digger. A nice song with a big, nice and melodic chorus. Really catchy song in overall.

The production on here is neat. Very crystal clear, raw guitar sound, and Boltendahl’s vocals lies perfectly in there. My only little complaint would be that the drums sounds a little bit too farty – could’ve been a bit more ‘punch’ in it. The performance on the other hand is superb on all plains, and Boltendahl vocals sounds like it contains new energy.

This EP has served it’s purpose, to be a good warm-up for the upcoming full-length album “Ballads Of A Hangman”. If you can’t wait until then, this is a safe buy worth the price of it.

I'm Praying For The Next Album To Be Good - 80%

Flamos, December 1st, 2008

Finally, a new release from Grave Digger. It’s been awhile since “Liberty or Death” and it’s time for us to feast once again. With the title “Pray,” I was a little surprised. Does this hold up to Grave Digger’s status?

Well, the single “Pray” is quite the odd number. It doesn’t really sound like Grave Digger, at least musically. Chris Boltendahl is as badass as ever and can pull of some unique vocals. The lyrics are odd and it’s called the extended version, even though it’s only four minutes. What’s so extended about it? Anyway, the song itself is average. Nothing truly special. Now on the subject of special, the cover of Motorhead’s “Overkill” is unbelievable. It’s safe to say this is the best Motorhead cover I’ve heard. To be honest, it actually seems faster. Boltendahl’s vocal style fits perfectly with the song, although no one can beat Lemmy, he’s pretty damn close. This EP should be purchased for this cover. Yes, it’s that good. The solos are performed perfectly, the bass sounds like Lemmey’s only much better produced, and the drums are furiously played. The musicianship here shines. “My Blood Will Live Forever” is a step back. It’s not that interesting, typical Grave Digger. You won’t find much here. “When the Sun Goes Down” is a much better track, the chorus is nice and catchy. This is a great song that shows us the potential storm that has yet to come.

This is a worthy EP. The band has found new life with the addition of a new guitarist. If you’ve never heard the band this is a good start due to the Motorhead cover, which is amazing.