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They just never stop... - 90%

metal_bryan, August 31st, 2012

It's as if Chris Boltendahl and Grave Digger stopped aging 20 years ago when the band reformed. This is not to say they haven't experimented with different ideas over that span of time, but their consistency of quality is near perfect. You always know you're going to get a great Grave Digger album when a new one comes out. There are far too few bands with that kind of reliability anymore. Especially among the classic ones.

Clash Of The Gods picks up right where the last album left off. The Clans Will Rise Again was probably the best release since Rheingold, so this album had a lot to live up to. Thankfully, this follow-up is more than worthy. Katzenburg and Axel Ritt seem to have meshed together a bit more since the last album and provide us with some keyboard/guitar licks and harmonies that are different and fun to hear. Axel's solos are especially well presented and played. Those brief moments bring a more modern power metal sound to the band when they occur, which makes things fresh despite the by-the-numbers formula the band have relied on for so long.

Long-time fans of the band know this is another album that they're going to buy and love, but this might actually be one of the few Grave Digger albums I'd put on the short list to recommend to power metal newbies. Modern power metal fans will find a lot to enjoy here. In fact, this album may be one of (if not the) best power metal releases of 2012. Buy it. Love it. Support a legendary band!