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"Siss iss a reevyou four you mei frändss!" - 72%

kluseba, October 23rd, 2010

"Siss näxt ssong iss four you mei frändss!" in Boltendalish or "This next song is for you my friends" in English is the most special thing about this album. Boltendahl talks a lot to the friends during too many breaks between the songs and he really has a horrible but very authentic accent. I wish I could skip those parts on the live album because I almost feel personally ashamed for it. Well, take it in a positive way and let’s say at least that Boltendahl has a very unique accent and a certain charm and identity.

Musically, there is not much too argue about. The set list is well chosen and works almost like a greatest hits compilation. The song is also quiet long and covers excerpts from the whole band discography a part of "Stronger than ever". You can even find some rare songs on this double album like "Shoot her down", "Paradise" or "Twilight of the gods", this is one of the strongest plus points of this album.

The songs are well played without any doubt, but sometimes you wish that somebody would give Manni Schmidt a little help. It is difficult to only have one guitar player on a band and especially live on stage. A second guitar would have added a more edgy, more powerful, more diversified sound to this album.

Another thing that is missing is sometimes the audience. I have seen and heard many live albums that were done in South America and the fans are often very loud, enthusiastic and energizing, but a part of a few exceptions, that isn't the case on this album and this is a really sad thing, as the band gives its very best to bring the crowd on its side, especially our dear narrator Boltendahl.

I would recommend you to get this album if you want to have a good compilation album too see and hear what the band has been working on in twenty-five years of history. I would also recommend this album because of the old and rare songs that are performed. If you are doing researches in the field of the languages and cultures, it is surely very interesting to listen to this in a more professional approach.

But if you are looking for an emotional and surprising live show though, you might not like this album. If you are looking for a very straight performance, you may dislike the album because of its many speeches and breaks and long pauses between some of the songs.

"Sännk you nau four yore attentschen änd änjoi!" or "Thank you now for your attention and enjoy!"

An Excellent Live Album - 90%

GuntherTheUndying, June 3rd, 2006

Grave Digger have quite a history behind them. They have released eleven studio albums and have even disbanded and then reformed. Nevertheless, Grave Digger never fails to impress, and thankfully we can recap their history with 25 To Live. Marking the twenty-fifth anniversary of Grave Digger, 25 To Live was recorded live in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The material here is awesome. Containing tracks from most of their albums, Grave Digger really gives their fans something to be happy about.

The stage presence of Grave Digger is phenomenal. Singer Chris Boltendahl constantly interacts with the crowd and is particularly amazing as he leads them on with the Grave Digger anniversary and always taunts them with the next song. Musically speaking, Grave Digger are very impressive here. The guitar work is amazing as guitarist Manni Schmidt hits every solo perfectly. The bass is pretty audible and can be easily heard during the solos because there is no rhythm guitar. The drumming and keyboard work are also clear and audible.

The crowd's energy is well matched with Grave Digger's stage presence. The crowd is chanting and screaming whenever silence appears before the next track in the set. The list itself is also incredible. Containing old and new fan favorites such as "The Last Supper," "Shoot Her Down," and "Excalibur," the set list couldn't really be any better for the hungry crowd. The performance is well produced and the sound is crystal clear.

The concert is very well done and is most likely memorable for those lucky fans. Overall, this is an awesome live album. Do yourself a favor and go pick it up!

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It’s Grave Digger’s great songs that saves the DVD - 69%

Nightrunner, April 13th, 2006

Yes it is, if it wouldn’t have been for Grave Digger’s really fucking great songs this DVD would have been, one can say like, almost nothing.

First of all, bad things: The so called “bonus track”, A Journey To Brazil. It feels soooo empty, and it’s soooo short. You’ll get too see the band flying over to Brazil, see some fans screaming, see some interviews that you mostly can’t hear what they’re speaking about (except one short-as-hell-clip) and not much more, I would call that stuff bonus material. And while speaking about empty, I just say, in the concert, my god the scene decoration is awful ! (if it’s allowed to call it decoration ?) You have a pretty big stage, with a huge ugly white-pink striped drapery and with the Reaper (H.P. Katzenburg) standing behind the drums…you can only guess how empty this looks. And then we have the band, have they lost all energy ? They’re not that old, if compared to Ronnie James Dio and dudes like him. The band is almost complete still-standing, except for the running around Chris (cool that someone in the band has energy at least). But bassist Jens Becker really stands still in his corner of the stage, and almost looks bored. And guitarist Manni moves at least a little, but is also pretty still-standing. But despite this, they eventually make a good concert, which I will come into now.

The good things: Which I’ve said already, it’s Grave Digger’s songs. They are so amazing that they make the concert awesome, eventhough the stage decoration is shitty and most band members are standing still. I mean almost every track is kicking and the band sounds tight and Chris’ singing is mostly good, although he avoids pretty much of the higher-notes. Just seeing songs like Excalibur, Grave Dancer, Symphony of Death and so on, and so on is great. But best of all is the tracks following each other in a row at the end, from 20 – 27, it’s goosebumps all the wayI can tell you. The choruses of “Dark Of The Sun”. “Twilight Of The Gods (best on the DVD), “Rebellion” and “Heavy Metal Breakdown” is pure awesomeness.

The concert is long, so that’s good. But if you’re thinking of buying this, I would say, don’t do it for a full price. You’ll get awesome live-versions of the songs, that would maybe be sufficient, but you maybe need some funny and interesting bonus material to watch to, and that is something this DVD doesn’t have. But since I’m such a huge Grave Digger fan, I still think it’s a reasonable good DVD.

And then São Paulo kicks Wacken's ass - 97%

Tharos_sama, February 26th, 2006

I was one of the lucky who had the chance to watch and take part on the recording of this live album, and finally being able to listen to it again, now pressed on a cd, is really great.

A very important thing about this album is that Grave Digger's live performance is just as good as it's in the studio, if not better, and, although the band members are clearly getting old (just look at the color of Chris' hair), they stil are full of energy. The band played around 2 and a half hours non-stop, and never stopped interacting with the audience, which answered with just as much energy (just listen to Rebellion and you'll know what I mean). Chris is surely a great frontman.

Being a 25th aniversary album, this one covers all albums of the band's career, featuring songs from every full-lenght released. Most of their classics are here, but obviously there are some great songs missing (like Lionheart), still, it is more than enough to please any fan, and to show all of us a bit of their work through all these years.

There's no point in reviewing each song here, since all of them are already know, and it would took ages to do so, as this release features 26 songs (plus the intro). But rest asured, their performance is really great, and the audience really made some noise.

This is one of the best live albums I've ever listened to, and also a great way to be introduced to this band. A very good choice for both the long date fan and the newcomer. Buy this and you won't regret, it is much better than Tuner of Wacken.