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Superb Kult black metal! - 95%

Varcolac, January 9th, 2005

(Un) Holy shit! This tape is amazing! Suprisingly good production for your average South American horde, the playing is tight and the songs are really interesting - plenty of variation in the tempo and some sick riffs throughout.

In several places it reminded me of what Watain are doing now, "A Blaze In The Northern Sky" era Darkthrone (track two has a real 'In the shadow of the horns' feel to it) and an almost Germanic atmosphere akin to Moonblood. Not necessarily what i expected from a Brazillian band.

Aside from all that, this band sound really EVIL and that's what counts the most. Your head will be banging through every track as you scream along to some of their vile blasphemies and will rewind back to the start (Hail to tapes! The format of kings!!!!) as soon as the last song is finished.

And what a great name - GRAVE DESECRATOR!!! Not exactly original, i know ,but sometimes the simpler the name the better. It has that nod to Beherit and the ancient black metal cults of the past. Buy this tape!!! I have no idea whether it's still available but you should try to track it down NOW!! Hail Grave Desecrator, purveyors of the finest Darkness and Evil!