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Radiated Riffs - 81%

Sweetie, August 1st, 2021

A long awaited effort of mine, Indianapolis’s Graveripper have come forth in the peak of the summer’s heat with their second EP. Titled Radiated Remains, this thing cranks out five new songs and an intro that take the riffier side of the black/thrash genre to pretty solid heights. Wise Blood was kind enough to include the previous EP Complete Blinding Darkness at the end. So the two together make for a full-length type listen, a great way to take in both for the first time.

If it doesn’t seem obvious, Graveripper very much take the Toxic Holocaust angle with writing in grittier attitudes and speeds, coated in the aesthetic of fallout and destruction. So it shouldn’t be a surprise when you find that it’s a familiar enough sound to make it accessible. Weirdly enough, the production is actually really clean, allowing everything to break in thoroughly; especially those tight solos! Usually I like this style to be dirty and harsh, but I'd be damned if they didn’t pull it off!

On top of that, Radiated Remains definitely takes a step-up in writing. There’s a hint of death metal aesthetic because of the drumming alone, and some of the vocal delivery. "Complete Blinding Darkness" takes straightforward riffs and piles them atop one another to make for such a banger of a ride, and the variance in execution is nice as well. Again, it feels so much warmer than you’d expect. There are also some neat tactics on “All Life Decays,” and I definitely dig the emphasis on the blackened side of things on “King Killer.” A great note to exit on!

Following this with the first EP is a fun time, because it shows the small step in evolution for a band that is pretty new. Though I wouldn’t call this anything groundbreaking, it’s a refreshing listen for sure. Those that dig the thrashier side of the black/thrash tag should eat this up. It steps its toes into more open territory without losing its focus.

Originally written for Metal Inferno