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Not good, not bad, solid first release - 50%

oneyoudontknow, September 8th, 2019
Written based on this version: 2015, Digital, Independent (Bandcamp)

Yes, we get it, thank you. So, you really really want to prove that you able to play some intense music. That is a nice thing, indeed. Thanks for proving your point. Even though this is GraveCoven's first demo, it is still necessary to point out various aspects. First, while screams and growls are one way to support the atmosphere and to add aggressiveness to how the music is perceived, too much or maybe even the wrong kind of them can have a slightly negative outcome. Like in this regard. Growls, screams, growls, growls, screams ... etc. Somehow the approach reminds on what the depressive black metal bands tend to offer on a large scale. The mere fact that you have vocals does not necessarily result in an improvement of the rest of the music. While GraveCoven's performance in this aspect is not overtly bad, it is hardly good either.

A contrast in this regard are the instruments. Again, enjoyable on a certain level, but still not entirely convincing. In terms of the approach they are on par with the vocals and offer something, but expressed in such a way that it does not spark much of curiosity. At times it feels as if there would be no connection between them and what the vocals offer. This might be due to the dynamics and either of these parts of the music have. The steadiness in which the lyrics are thrown towards the listener receives a counterpoint through something with a bit more facets and variation. The brew of death and black metal with hints towards slam death metal could be better would the band actually do something properly with the riffs and arrangements. Summoning vengeance (and contagion) has some nice moments and is rather intense now and then, but due to the focus of the music it is not able to fully unfold its potential. It is stuck, because the aspects laid out in the first paragraph keep interfering with it all. Undecided on what to do, may sum it up in this regard.

As can be expected, the two tracks on this first release by GraveCoven are not equal in terms of sound and style. They rather represent some level of variation and lack of clarity of what the band wants to play. Even though the direction is the same, each in their own have a different vibe and style. All in all it needs be pointed out that the music is rather on the death metal site with some occasional black metal thrown in. Facets from slam death as well as doom (dynamics, rather than style) make an appearance as well. Is it a solid performance ... but hardly more than that. The music is dark ... and intense and can be enjoyed occasionally. [Add some average band here]

The review is based on 320kbps mp3s(bandcamp)