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Grave > Tremendous Pain > 2013, 7" vinyl, Century Media Records (2 colors, Reissue, Limited edition) > Reviews
Grave - Tremendous Pain

Remain In Tremendous Pain - 95%

televiper11, September 6th, 2014
Written based on this version: 2013, 7" vinyl, Century Media Records (2 colors, Reissue, Limited edition)

A big thank you to Century Media for finally re-issuing this monumental slab of seminal Swedish death metal: Grave's Tremendous Pain 7", the opening salvo in a twenty-plus year career of monstrous death metal excellence. This primal two-tune assault was foundational, upping the ante of the Entombed/Nihilist template and taking it down a more direct, brute force route. Shorn of all adornment and pretension, Grave just rip straight-up with rotten, heavily down-tuned guitars, sludgy bass, gnarly brute drums, and the ugliest vocals to ever arise out of Sweden. These two tracks were a catalyst for many bands (you can hear the current copycats quite readily these days) but nothing compares to the real thing.

"Tremendous Pain" boils a potent double-bass groove that quickly erupts into a volcanic death-thrash whirlwind. The miasma generated by Jörgen Sandström & Ola Lindgren's ugly-ass guitar tones doesn't slow the assault, generating a corrosive atmosphere that still has some movement to it. Sandström's gnarled vocals are a thing of epic, ugly beauty. Here Grave stakes their claim, one they've deviated away from now and again but never utterly abandoned.

"Eroded" cooks a punishing mid-tempo stew of thick Swedish-style death-grooves with lots of double-bass to gird the structure. When the pace picks up, its another tornado of lost souls torn from the void: abrupt, direct, intense death-thrash with crusty overtones. Similar to the first track but with a more pronounced verse-chorus structure and a chugging break section that snaps my neck each time I hear it.

These songs were lifted direct from Grave's 1991 promo/demo for Century Media and it's shocking how good they sound. The production is raw, thick, and sludgy without sacrificing any power. Sandström's vocals are front and center in the mix too, highlighting one of DM's most powerful voices. Little wonder then that Century Media released, and re-released, these songs with no additional touches. Twenty-plus years later, Grave remains a potent force but this 7" reminds you they started as one too: fully formed, pure death majesty.