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Lacking in the soul department - 39%

MacMoney, September 8th, 2004

The title really suits this album. Soulless is filled with mid-paced, watered down death metal which clearly lacks soul. All of the songs plod forwards with the same speed and the structures don't differ much at all. The album is recorded at Sunlight and it has the Sunlight sound which is another notch against the album. At this point in Swedish death metal Sunlight was just way overused. Otherwise the album is mixed well if rather predictably which is of course expected. The songs have hooks and some are at least slightly catchy, but with the riffs being as generic and half-assed as they are, they just aren't enough. Jörgen Sandström's vocals are very much toned down into a measely ordinary growl from his deep and guttural death vocals of the days of old. You wouldn't be too far off if you'd describe Soulless as Into the Grave with more groove and less death and brutality. Two songs do rise up from the blandness of the rest. And Here I Die... Satisfied has a very catchy chorus and some good guitar leads and Scars is a rather slow and moody song with yet again some good guitar melodies.

All in all, the whole album seems to lack motivation. The album sounds rather lazy and the compositions seem to be done in a haste to just get something on plastic. I don't know if the label put pressure on the band or what but you're better off just getting the two songs I mentioned as mp3s and forgetting this whole album was ever released.