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Groove Boredom. - 50%

CHRISTI_NS_ANITY8, February 27th, 2008

Oh no…when all seemed to go well for Grave, here we have this album to start the “long road to groove”. If in some groups this “element” could fit well (just in very few albums), in Grave sound it doesn’t. We left them with the excellent “…You’ll Never See” that already showed us some weird mid paced parts but, always being very brutal and obscure, I liked it a lot. Here the mid tempos are really eternal and thanks to some up tempos in “Turning Black” I can survive to this.

I’m not a kind of guy who likes total speed but I prefer it compared to this title track for example. The only “fast” thing here is the bass drum, that anyway is played in a tired way…doom…At the end you are really exhausted. The production being too clear is no more evil or rotten and the guitars are really chainsaws in the distortion. Some groovy drum-guitars tempos in “I Need You” make me puke.

The guitar riffs are too generic and the vocals are uninspired. If a track like “Bullets Are Mine” was supposed to be heavy, well that’s me laugh! Tracks like “Bloodshed” and “Unknown” are remarkable for the up tempos, “And Here I Die” for the evil riffage and good refrain but the rest is more or less forgettable to be polite.

I keep on asking myself: what the fuck happened to death groups at the beginning of the 90s?? Were they thinking to be cool mixing this shit with death metal? Grave with this CD are one of the best/worst example. When you start to skip the tracks at the second listening means that this is almost completely bad. What an agony…I’m Soulless…