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The Beginning Of GRAVE! - 95%

Destroyer_6_6_6, January 5th, 2012

Grave was definitely one of those bands who were off to a good start with their early demos, and this one, Sick Disgust Eternal, is a perfect example. Sick Disgust Eternal gives a strong first impression of Grave with three highly memorable songs, two of which even made it to studio albums.

This demo shows the development of Grave's brutal and crushingly heavy sound. The three songs included are a bit simple and primitive in both musical and lyrical nature, but at the same time there's a somewhat distinctive style being formulated which would later become more obvious with the first couple studio albums of Grave. These songs really demonstrate how Grave were working hard to make their own sound out of this intense distortion and heaviness. Each song has its right amount of fast, pounding, destructive sections and slow, heavy parts, where these riffs breathe their aggression and intensity, so to speak.

Musicianship is amazing here. The guitar sound is very heavy, as if it's down-tuned to B or C tuning, and it's not until you pick up a guitar and try to play these songs that you figure out that they're all in standard tuning! The heaviness is only the result of distortion mixed with destructive (and yet very simple) riffs and no down-tuning was done whatsoever. Drums have their purpose behind the riffs and aren't just played to keep the beat stable. The drums sound powerful, pounding away with purpose adding another small amount of intensity to the music. The only setback is the vocals, which are clearly amateur death-growls that aren't well-defined or monstrous yet. The rest of the music is off to a strong start, and the track Into the Grave is actually far more superior to its re-recording on the first album! Surprisingly, this version is so much more developed, and more enjoyable with its larger amount of different musical elements.

Overall, this demo is a classic, showing Grave's brutal beginnings, with three catchy songs that kick your ass from start to finish.