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Empyreal, February 14th, 2009

Do you like heavy, uncompromising and suffocating Death Metal? Do you like it when your ears are hit by a rapid onslaught of chunky, sludgy riffs that engulf your entire hearing spectrum in one big wave? Do you often stay up late at night, wishing you could find the perfect slice of Swedish Death Metal for your lover this Valentine's Day, so they can share the magic too?

Well, wish no more. Hailing all the way from Sweden, Grave's 1991 debut album is sure to be a hit with every loving couple this season. Guttural, flesh-ripping guitars slice and dice their way through Into the Grave's 40 minute duration, completely overwhelming the listener with a surprisingly heavy sound, as compared to the biting, chainsaw-esque sound also being developed around the same time by last year's romantic dinner staples Entombed. The guitars are the main feature here, with their gut-wrenchingly heavy, Earth-shaking tone stealing the listener's attention, but they are also topped off with the low, rumbling growls of Jorgen Sandstrom, and also spiced up with a healthy layer of crushing drums that will make your loved one melt.

Every song provides a heavy and all around satisfying listen, for both the seasoned Death Metal veteran and also those who want to find a good starting point for the genre. Kicking off with the pummeling and horrific "Deformed," Into the Grave will take the listener on a hellish journey through what will feel like, perhaps, the weight of a thousand boulders upon their back as they try to crawl out of their own tomb. If you were looking for a new method of massaging your loved one's back, this album will help you out. It's heaviness is shocking, and yet it is perfect for the romantic couple wanting something more daunting and extreme. Every song offers similar delights, drilling themselves into your head with the finest organic songwriting available. Both dependable and headbangable, Into the Grave has a multitude of uses.

With critics calling Into the Grave "The definitive Death Metal album," "Bestial, rotten, evil...," and "Extremely rotten, extremely fun!", it's merits cannot be denied. Grave's sound is always welcome, not innovating anything and not trying to. Into the Grave is an honest album, presenting itself as the ugly, hairy and rugged behemoth that it is, and it is recommended only to the most honest of people. When you buy Grave, you know you're buying into something you can trust.

Yes, all the songs pretty much sound the same, but that very consistency is the beauty of Into the Grave, and it almost makes it too good for the shelves this year! With song titles like "Hating Life," "Extremely Rotten Flesh" and "Inhuman," Into the Grave not only functions as an orgasm to the ears, but it is also the perfect soundtrack to a romantic dinner by candlelight - especially effective if you want to really set the mood and dine in such a place as the dank catacomb which is pictured on the album's lovely cover. Your woman will never be happier.

Into the Grave is a 100% all-natural Swedish Death Metal album, a fact proven by several men wearing white and who have important sounding prefixes before their names.