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It Could Have Been Better - 10%

TheShadowfiend, April 30th, 2003

I've been a fan of Grave since Into The Grave and I've enjoyed all their releases. But, this live album is one of the lamest live recordings I've ever heard. Upon looking at the song selection, you'd think you were in for a kick ass live performance. But, it is a major let down.

The band sounds absolutly flat. They don't really give it their all, and they seem to not really care. The inbetween ramblings of Ola are plain moronic. The crowd seems to be really bored and as the show progresses you can tell that most of the crowd had left. But, then again, it didn't sound like a huge crowd to begin with.

I can't see the reasoning why Century Media or the band thought that this show would be good to release. They should have recorded this somewhere else like in their home country of Sweden or somewhere else. This is just a disgrace to Grave.

A disaster from the first note to last, and by the end of it you feel relieved that this monstrosity is over. I like Grave, but I did not like this platter. An album you'll play once or twice then it'll sit on your shelf collecting dust.