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You Guys Are Too Rough On This One - 70%

brocashelm, March 2nd, 2006

In my totally non-humble opinion, I feel the previous reviewers have been WAY too hard on this live effort from Grave. While I do agree that it's release was questionable (small audience, weird choice for this band at the time) that doesn't address how heavy, raw, and well performed this album is. First of all we get to view Grave in their various guises from demo tape days ("Reborn Miscarriage") to their bulldozing debut album ("Extremely Rotten Flesh," "Haunted," "Into The Grave") to their later, more mid-tempo material ("Soulless") to the questionable stuff that they were touring behind at the time this album wa recorded ("Restrained," "Winternight"). Secondly I reject the idea that the album is boring...the performance is enthusiastic, and the recording is punchy and well balanced, especially considering this was recorded as a trio, with no second rythym guitar for filling out the sound. It's only in the banter between the crowd and band that one realizes ow sparsely attended the show was, but is that the band's fault? It sounds to me like they did their best despite dealing with a low turnout. I admit it would have been nice for Century Media to have done a better job on this, as they could have chosen a higher profile gig, maybe made the package two discs and included a detailed band history kind of booklet, but we all now how cheap this label tends to be! So in conclusion, before you slam this one, compare it to either of the two totally unecessary UNLEASHED live albums Century Media has issued and then tell me how bad this one sucks. Grave made some of the finest recordings European death metal would ever see, and this live album is a decent testament to that fact.

Boring and uninspired! - 20%

KRISIUN69filth, January 21st, 2004

Well, what exactly where Grave and Century Media Records thinking when they decided to release this boring as hell live album? The album is obviously an attempt by Century Media to grab a few extra bucks out of fans pockets. Luckily, I didn't pay a dime for it so take that you greedy bastards!

The stupid ramblings by Ola in between the song are kind of amusing seeing as how he tells the crowd to "Go Fucking Crazy" and only one member of the audience says "Hell Yeah!". There must have been 30 people for the first 5 songs and after that I'm not sure if anybody really stuck around throughout the boring and uninspired sounding set.

All in all, "Extremely Rotten Live" is a shelf fixture, and a little piece of shit that had no reason to be released, but I'm sure Century Media made a good 21 dollars on this waste of plastic. If your new to Grave I would suggest "Into the grave" or "Hating Life" because even though this live album has a kick ass song list, and other then "Extremely Rotten Flesh" and "Turning Black" the rest just plain out falls flat on its ass.

It Could Have Been Better - 10%

TheShadowfiend, April 30th, 2003

I've been a fan of Grave since Into The Grave and I've enjoyed all their releases. But, this live album is one of the lamest live recordings I've ever heard. Upon looking at the song selection, you'd think you were in for a kick ass live performance. But, it is a major let down.

The band sounds absolutly flat. They don't really give it their all, and they seem to not really care. The inbetween ramblings of Ola are plain moronic. The crowd seems to be really bored and as the show progresses you can tell that most of the crowd had left. But, then again, it didn't sound like a huge crowd to begin with.

I can't see the reasoning why Century Media or the band thought that this show would be good to release. They should have recorded this somewhere else like in their home country of Sweden or somewhere else. This is just a disgrace to Grave.

A disaster from the first note to last, and by the end of it you feel relieved that this monstrosity is over. I like Grave, but I did not like this platter. An album you'll play once or twice then it'll sit on your shelf collecting dust.