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Grave - Enraptured DVD - 90%

AlexFurgason, February 26th, 2007

First off, I hadn't heard Grave before I bought this DVD, and I had no idea whatsoever what to expect except some kind of swedish death metal. It was basically an impulse buy along side a Dissection DVD and a few others.

Anyway, I had just finished watching (read: stopped after 5 minutes) a really awful Krisiun concert and needed something to get the shit out of my ears, only opening this DVD as sort of a last resort. Surprisingly, it did the trick.

It started off with some really drawn out intro from an old movie (which I was sort of expecting), but after that was done and gone they go right into the song 'Deformed', which seems to be an oldie but goodie, with lots of downtuned tremolo picking, large helpings of meaty as hell riffage, and the somewhat standard (but very fitting) drumwork.

One thing to note, the bass player is just kind of...there, you only hear him for a brief moment about 8 tracks later, but couple the rest of the above highlights with the lead guitarist's extremely coarse-yet-understandable growling, then toss in a few deliciously sloppy solos and it makes for a highly entertaining (and refreshing) first track, thus effectively captivating my attention for the next 110 minutes or so.

The overall concert has a great atmosphere, and there are times when they go from mid-tempo chugging to all out thrashing. Although after listening to some of the original album versions of some of the tracks featured here, I notice they omit the gloomy samples for the most part, which might have helped the mood a bit more. They do, however, stay pretty true to the sound of the original albums.

The only other gripes I could possibly find with this DVD, and ones that brought the score down about 10 points, are 1.) the annoyingly wonky camera work, such as having a fly-by view of the band about three times in one song, or zooming in and out rapidly as a means of capturing the 'feel' of the beat or some lame shit...and 2.) the weird sound distorting effects you get when the annoying camera crew starts wandering around the band members, probably picking up some kind of interference.

It is important to note that this sound distortion only happens once or twice throughout the entire concert, and only affects the lead guitarist (who is already somewhat tinny, the rhythm guitarist makes up with most of the chunky sound).

For having great overall sound quality, great tracklist and atmosphere, but a few minor flaws, this one gets 90 out of 100. It's really worth it to own this one.