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A Death Metal Mud Fight - 70%

Shirt_Guy, July 23rd, 2008

Grave it seems is the Suffocation of the Swedish old-school European death metal bands, with their strength on slow, grinding riffs as great big breakdowns. It’s surprising how well those big meaty hooks work in those mostly mid-paced to quick/mid-paced songs, as nothing really ever gets very quick.

“Dominion VIII” also finds itself trodden down in a morass of sludge sometimes (in a negative sense) due to the fact that the songs never do really go that fast to help differentiate themselves from one another. The tracks all jump tempos, and never hit anything at all melodic to give you a breather. The production and playing are both on the raw side, with the mix heavy on the bass with not a lot of high end, making the action a bit difficult to hear. The concept of keeping the production just a slight bit raw, as well as the playing is actually a good one, conjuring images of the old-school underground in 90’s while holding in the bands overall experience.

Still very fun though, if a bit stuck fighting in the muck.

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