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A Solid EP - 84%

Kyble, April 29th, 2007

Grave, one of the best old school Swedish death metal bands is here on one of their finest displays of what old death metal should be about, keeping it simple. Some bands like cannibal corpse and necrophagist experiment with weird time signatures and obscure scales but basic death metal in my mind is best kept basic. Who needs scales being swept at 1000 miles an hour when you can have a good head banging beat with simple cool basic riff and vocals about satanism/mutilation/suffering/death being screamed at low pitches over it?
Yes, death metal in it's simplist can also be it's most powerful and grave here demonstrates that statement very well. If you like your death metal like I do (simple yet catchy with enough heaviness to head bang over it) than I suggest picking this up or any other grave release up to and including soulless.