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A short EP of blackened dark urban blues rock - 65%

NausikaDalazBlindaz, September 26th, 2015

With just two songs, this EP is more like a single than a mini-album but at least it's a little snapshot into this Swedish band's world. That turns out to be two fellows who I've already come across in other projects: Sir N of Hadanfard (whose EP I reviewed not so long ago) and Swartadauthuz of Azelisassath, a couple of whose recordings I've also made acquaintance with. It really is a small world around these parts of MA!

Title track "Ohelighetens pulserande ondska" is a merry sort of minimal melodic BM song, coasting along at a brisk speed, and with a fairly clean sound that reveals a lot of dark space behind the whirring BM guitars, the steady and business-like drums that occasionally have to dust the cymbals by banging them, and the duet of clean-toned and gruff vocals. As the music goes, Grav is not that far from Sir N's solo project Hadanfard in sound, speed and clean style, though having a live drummer as opposed to programmed percussion makes a huge difference in the song's flexibility: it can go fast when it wants, and slower where called for, and there is now tension and a bit of interesting variety in the music where this listener is concerned.

The second song is not very different from the first - neither boasts any really memorable melodies or riffs - and if the EP hadn't been released on 7" vinyl but instead as a mini-CD, the songs could have been run together. About halfway through a bleaker, urban blues atmosphere develops with a change in key and a kind of dreamy if dark psychedelia, with spoken lyrics in the distant background, is present, almost as if by accident.

For a single or short EP, this release is not bad, though it could have been a bit more original with each song needing some distinctive repeating motifs to anchor them. If they are going to stick to minimal blackened depressive urban blues post-rock, Grav need a more distinctive sound and atmosphere. These guys seem to have an eccentric bent in their singing and some of their playing, and they could try emphasising that aspect more.