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Good Start - 80%

Star-Gazer, July 22nd, 2004

The version I am reviewing is the CD-R put out by the band. While there are six songs listed on the album, the CD is divided into just four tracks.

The first thing I noticed was the poor production on this album in comparison to later releases by the band. The music is still good; great song structure, interesting breaks, and decent guitar and drum work.

"Goat of a Thousand Young" is my favorite of the songs on the album. It is track number three on the CD, but actually the fifth song. It actually sounds like heavy/thrash in some parts, but still with the gruff vocals.

There is an interesting closer on the album - a instrumental of sorts with distorted vocals, bells (Santa Claus anyone?), which flows into some great female vocals singing something in Latin(?).

It is plain to see GBK even had much talent back in the day. Though this release just hints at how great they have become, it should be heard by any USBM enthusiast as they were one of the originators of the genre stateside.