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True cult gem - 85%

Cochino, April 10th, 2006

Graf Spee – Reincarnation

I know that I have already wrote a review for this one giving it a 65%, but this was because I rushed into writing it and this album needs a lot of listenings to get to the core of it (or at least I needed a lot of listenings).

Graf Spee's style is totally unique, but not unique in a gay kind of way, like those bands that start adding stuff that just doesn't fit into metal just to sound original. Here the influences are very clear. You can hear Venom, Sarcófago, Vulcano and old Destruction in this record, but the originality is not in the ingredients, but in the way they mixed them. This album really covers a lot of territories without failing to sound heavy, and that's not very easy.

The crappy cheap muddy sound is actually something that works as a plus for this bands since it makes it sound rawer, brutaller and out-of-this-world in some sort of Lovecraftian kind of way (yeah, I know this was said in the review at The Corroseum, but I think that is the best way to describe it). The music goes from Speed/thrash to Death/black with some moody doomy parts that makes the album sound really dark. The drums sound like machine guns (and I'm not playin' the war-black-metal-homeboy here, they REALLY sound like machine guns). The guitars are sharp with reverbing solos, slighlty out of tune which helps to the whole supernatural atmosphere of the record. The bass reminded me at Autopsy's Mental Funeral, and the vocalist changes ranges all the time, from death grunts, to cleaner vocals, to high pitched screams.

So, if you're a black metal kvlt boy who wants to listen to some really dark shit, kinda like Flames Of Hell, I'm pretty sure that you'll love this album. And if you're more of a classic metalhead, but you liked Venom and some of the early death/thrash Brazilian bands, you'll like it too.