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Pure angry old school Death Metal - 75%

Cochino, April 10th, 2006

Graf Spee – Mother Fucker.

Fuck yeah! Just with the album title this guys are already kicking your ass!!!
The opening song is a killer. Very aggressive and filled with hatred. Fast and furious and with some catchy riffs. After that initial attack comes “Critical Confusion” an over 9 minutes long DM song!!!!. Well actually is not that DM, but more like thrash with extreme vocals.
Then we’re back into pure DM, with the song “Mother”, It’s another long track, and contains some extreme fast drumming and riffs that remind me of old Morbid Angel.
The last two songs are more in the vein of classic Death/thrash of late 80’s, early 90’s, with a few nice riffs, and a more usual length (Bululu (baby song) is a great track, but what the hell are these guys talking about!!!!)
The sound is a bit better than their previous LP’s, and the band sounds tighter. The voice is more aggressive and here sounds a lot like Martin Schrinek’s vocals on the early Pungent Stench years. This is their best release, and I think they had the potential to be a great band, too bad they split up.
Another worthy release from this band, and as the previous one, is unavailable on its original form. But you can get it on bootleg recorded CD in Uruguay, and I recommend you, Uruguayan metalhead, to get it.