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An Iron Will, is the WIll to Succeed! - 92%

kveldulf88, November 8th, 2008

Hailing from Aussieland, where top notch black/thrash bands are many, I'm sure glad G.O.T.H isn't one of those bands I never got around to. Gospel doesn't fall into the same pattern many other Aussie black/thrash bands do; being primitive and poorly produced for the sake of being "old school". Theres nothing wrong with doing that, but Gospel rise above most of these sorts of bands with their superior skill in playing and songwriting, and their far better production. The production on this album is good and clear. Each instrument can be heard at just the right volume, and the overall sound is pummeling and heavy without compromising clarity or quality.

"A Call to Arms" starts out with a thunderclap accompanied by minimal ominous background synth, and an air raid siren. With a few more thunder claps a thrashy riff comes in, and then the drums and Howitser's demonic snarls. The sheer brutality, always accompanied by just the right amount of groove, catchy-ness, and headbangability does not let up at all untill track four, called "Slaves" which is a somewhat slower number. The main riff in "Slaves" is quite melodic, and more epic than aggressive. The "might is right", "vae victus" feel of this song is really brough out with a passage from the book "Might is Right" being read out in the middle of the song, following a brilliant solo by Masochist.

Aftter "Slaves" comes "A Call to Arms", which is an instrumental song. Jam Packed with black thrashing riffs, leads, tempo changes, and anything else you would want, I think vocals would have made the song too crowded, and it stands alone as an excellent track sans vocals.

The last two tracks continue in the Gospel of the Horns formula, with track seven "The Trial of Mankind" deserving special mention. This song is a bit longer than the others, and ends the album in style. The last line of the album "The trial and conviction of god" not only sums up the album, but is a perfect conclusion to the album, leaving the listener hungry for the next release.

I saw Gospel live in June on their North American tour, just a few months before they called it quits, and their live performance of the songs on "A Call to Arms" only makes listening to this album better. I HIGHLY recommend this album to anyone into thrash metal, black metal, or anyone into metal at all! My only complaint about it is that at 32 minutes, it's just not long enough.