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Mutual Assured Destruction - 75%

Empherion, April 22nd, 2009

GORTAL / CENTURION - Sindecade / Sacrilege, Split 2008

First of all, I like such underground releases very much and I always support ideas of splits like this. Two polish demolition crews, both of them keeping real death metal flame burning and throwing blast beats with speed of Kalashnikov containing thousands of bullets. Yeah! Idea of this split as I assume was - due to brutal content, old-school styled release done in underground, almost primitive way, reminding ancient times of great death metal magnificence. Did the final product fulfill the assumption of the idea? Musically, very much. Holistically, not necessarily... Why?

First strike on this split belongs to GORTAL, which spreads destruction upon polish scene since more that 10 years. Besides, even material, which can be found here, comes from their promo 2007, released prior to their debut album "Blasphemous Sindecade", where music is almost a view of the band chopped in half to see its inner self from the beginning up to nowadays. Their part of split consists of brutal, cutting riffs with terroristic cannonade of blasts, and possessed vocals, and obviously shows GORTAL as being in perfect condition, which assures that no one to whom death metal has primal position in music will be disappointed. First part of the split except two tracks from promo, contains one more track "Obscene Nazarene", which can be found on their full-length album, and a video for their "ancient hymn" - Unleash Hell. Really great stuff!!! Those who know GORTAL since the beginning, as I said before, for sure will not be annoyed. For those who listen to their death metal for the first time - this short piece of destruction will truly show that polish death metal scene is fucking great!

After GORTAL, second strike on this split CD origins from CENTURION, which ordered to wait quite long time for their next attack. Their three blasphemous hymns are taken from promo "Sacrilege" and as far as GORTAL purely destroyed me, part of a split made by CENRUTION pervertly desolated my mind and flesh causing several wounds on my head and chest. O fuck! This is pure fucking Hell!!! Anyone who doubted that after "Conquer and Rule" CENTURION won't surprise with their brutality and perfect sense of destructive creation, can now lick their balls! That what they made on this material, not only leaves only remains but purifies everything from everything! Total Terror! If the line of creation continues on their second full-length album as well as on this release - no doubt it will be embedded in leadership of polish death metal scene!!!

Reasuming, this split points out the greatest condition of these polish hordes and their never-ending ability to play death metal on highest levels. One thing that makes this release pushing away is an 'execution' by so called 'label'. Long time I haven't seen so fucked up release due to (un)efforts of the label. When I got this into my hands I asked "Who did this? - 14 year old onanist on his shitty home printer???' Yes, that is the way it looks so. If the guys were knowing it looked like this, they would no doubt do it by their own hands and it would be 'professional' then. At the end, I can surely let this split only for those maniacs of underground stuff who don't care about outlook of the release. For everyone else, buy the full-length stuff of GORTAL and wait for upcoming album of CENTURION. Mutual assured destruction!