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Unbelievable - 100%

ast, April 28th, 2007

For a while now, it's been a growing idea that death metal is an artistically dead genre, with nothing but derivative bands rehashing what the forefathers set in place in the 90s. Everything with melody must be Gothenburg, and everything technical must be pretentious and emotionless has been a common thought in the metal community.

On Leading Vision, Gorod have single-handedly dispelled all of these ideas. Not only have Gorod created an album that is technically unparalleled, melodic while never approaching Gothenburg, but most of all, completely original, inspired, interesting and without ever sounding forced.

One of the most impressive aspects of Leading Vision, is how much of a positive jump it is from Neurotripsicks. Neurotripsicks was far from being a bad album (it was damn good actually), yet it's almost impossible to believe that Gorod made as big of a jump in terms of songwriting as they did in under a year. Neurotripsicks had some amazing leads and solos sprinkled throughout the album that showed Gorod's potential, but it was mostly held together by somewhat-awkward riffing. However, everything on Leading Vision is silky-smooth, very well thought out... and executed even better. Also worth note is how much better the vocals and lyrics are on Leading Vision than on Neurotripsicks (this was one of the biggest problems with Neurotripsicks, in my opinion.)

It's impossible to try and describe an album like Leading Vision without trying to draw parallels to other bands and albums. Gorod give bands like Spawn of Possession, Psycroptic, Gorguts and whoever else you can think of, a run for their money in terms of pure brutal technicality. At the same time however, they have a very distinct Atheist influence, and never let the technical aspects get in the way of writing damn good songs that flow well, riff by riff (and good lord, are there a lot of good riffs here.)

In my honest opinion, Leading Vision is the best from 2006 (tied with Blood in Our Wells by Drudkh), and is arguably the best technical death metal album ever released. A bold statement, but when you hear Leading Vision, you'll understand.