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The future of death metal? Hopefully.... - 90%

KayTeeBee, August 18th, 2006

Gorod is a band from from France which features most members of Gorgasm. They released their debut album last year, Neurotripsicks, and it didn't impress me that much - as opposed to what most people thought, I thought it was pretty redundant and boring death metal. This new album though, definitely puts Gorod at the top of my favourite death metal list, and it's definitely one of the best death metal albums released so far this year (without forgetting Spawn of Possession and a few others).

First things first, this isn't straightforward death metal. Like the aforementionned Spawn of Possession (whose latest album could be easily compared to this one), Gorod know how to make things interesting: Not too many blastbeasts, no rushed production, a lot of melody, but still keeping an undefiled sound. Some parts tend to fall more into technical grounds (such as Thirst for Power), but they never exaggerate like the successful tasmanian band Psycroptic. Anyway, whenever one of those pretentious technical part shows up, they don't last long and there's usual a kick-ass riff right after. What makes this album so cool is that through the full 42 minutes, Gorod somehow manages to pack in every cool riff and idea that's ever been tried in death metal - without being redundant for 1 second. When it comes to their melodic side, I'm pretty sure I haven't anything Gothenburg in this album - more something of neo-classical death metal or brutal melodic death bands. There's a lot of leads and solos for those who like their Death metal with tons of 'em (the middle of 'State of Secret' comes to mind - awesome solos, a little bit of shredding and sweeping), there's some stuff for those who like some dissonant passages, some brutal-ish parts, you name it. The vocals are nothing remarkable, as I seem to get the impression that most of this album is focused on musical value. I honestly wouldn't mind at all if this had been an instrumental album.

Gorod try every trick in the big book of death metal, and they've mastered their art so gracefully in under one year (Ok, their debut wasn't that bad). I definitely hope a lot of bands can learn from this: you don't have to try some extravagant stuff to be original and awesome. You just have to take all the elements you like from a certain genre of music and make what you can of it. Every member of Gorgasm is an excellent musician, creatively and by playing their instruments. The future of death metal looks promising, if more people can do music like this.