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Simply Amazing - 100%

thainoodles, March 29th, 2009

Just a heads up, no amount of 99-100% ratings can do this album justice. It needs to be heard, felt, and experienced by every individual who considers themselves a fan of the genre.

With Gorguts' first release we were offered fairly straight forward, classic death metal. A few years later Luc and the gang return to crush our brains with what, in my opinion, is the finest death metal release. From the second I started peeling the shrink wrap off of Seagrave's sickening cover art, to the last note of Dormant Misery, I was completely consumed by the greatness that is The Erosion of Sanity.

This album has so much going on and is very hard to digest on the first listen. After a couple more spins, I began to realize what was going on. In order to explain what I discovered I feel it is best to break the parts up:

1. Vocals: Luc does an amazing job, consistent throughout the album and fits the music perfectly. Nothing more to be desired here. (Not to mention some of the best death metal lyrics in... well... ever.)

2. Guitars: Impeccable. Luc and Sylvan unleash fill your head with the most brutal, yet melodic riffs ever written. This, for me, is the defining feature of the album. Melody, without flamboyancy. Like I said, it may take a few listens to pick up on it, but there is so much musicianship and subtle genius in this album. It's completely insane. One of those CD's that truly gets better with every listen.

3. Bass: Don't even get me started. Get this. A death metal album, with audible bass, and it's perfect. The bass throws a completely different musical idea into the mix and does everything but slam away on root notes. Again, amazing.

4. Drums: No surprises here. Again, perfect. Supplements the rest of the music with incredible skill and precision. No typical blast beat train wreck drum playing here. Incredibly well done.

5. Piano and Acoustic Guitar: Thanks Gorguts. Just as I was about to lose faith in anything that wasn't plugged in you guys came along. At the beginning of "Condemned to Obscurity" you are treated to the best piano playing on any metal album. Not cheesy in the least and fits the tone of the album perfectly. Then at the beginning of "Dormant Misery" listeners are treated to an acoustic duet courtesy of Luc and Sylvan. Beautiful.

Production. Artwork. Songwriting. Musicianship. Lyrics. All perfect. Undoubtedly one of the best death metal, if not metal, if not music, releases of all time. Please pay for this album. I'm telling you, owning this one makes it all the sweeter. Essential.