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Brutally Refined - 99%

InfinityX, April 28th, 2011

If you read my last review you'll know that I have just recently started really listening to metal again because of some cheap CD's at my local store. Well this (along with Gehenna) is a major part of it. Also like Gehenna I listened to Gorguts several times, and thought it was cool. I liked them, and I'm that big on death metal. So I bought it while it was still on sale knowing I'd regret it if I didn't.

And now here I am. Since listening to this album I've been listening to as much death metal as I can stomach. It was if I was blind to what death metal can do, and Gorguts opened my eyes. Please excuse that horrible cliche, but it does describe it. I always felt death metal was a little pointless. If I wanted some mood music, I'd listen to black metal, and if I wanted to headbang, I'd listen to thrash metal. That and I always saw death metal as pretty stupid, as every band seemed to have a fixation on zombies and just making as much noise as possible. Pardon my ignorance. I've realized that every band is that way, there are a ton of black metal bands that just scream SAAATAAAAANNN!!! And then trem pick for forty minutes. And there are plenty of thrash bands that just say anything really then pinch harmonic for forty minutes. As for when to listen to death metal, it's kind of the middle ground between thrash and black for me. It has a sense of the macabre but is still good to headbang too.

Time to actually talk about the album (go figure): this is an eight track metal masterpiece in not so many words. Each song has something sweet to offer the album. They don't just run together like on a lot of albums. The clean breaks on Condemned to Obscurity and Dormant Misery are nice to get a break from the brutal riffs and solos, making the album that much better to listen to all the way through whch is one of the best features of an album in my opinion.

The overall sound of this album is great old school death metal feel with some moments of all out insanity and others of slower (still pretty fast) riffing. At no point do I get the sense that the band is trying to put as much sound in one second just to sound more metuhl; but they definitely don't hold back either. Great varied drumming (plenty more than double bass and blasts) and the dueling guitar riffs and solos teamed with an audible but not over-zealous bass make for an excellent sound.

The vocals are a huge part for me. I never really got into pig squeals or inhales. This is more my speed. Very raspy growling with at least a bit of comprehendablility. I can't see why anyone who likes harsh vocals wouldn't like the ones on this album. I have nothing else to really say on that side of things. YOU WILL LIKE THE VOCALS.

The lyrics have the classic death metal flavor, but it seems there was some effort to make them interesting, as opposed to just played out descriptions of various ways to get killed. The lyrics are almost like dark fantasy to a degree, as they tell short stories (it seems to me). With Their Flesh, He'll Create seems to be a Frankenstein type story, Odours of Existence is like a person trapped underground rotting and all that is left is his/her stench. So yeah, the lyrics are actually really sweet. Shout out to Lord Worm, I didn't mean to say your lyrics were stupid in my Monotheist review, I barely read any of your'e stuff, I'm sure there is something to it but all I remembered was something about a funeral goat. I was out of line, so I apologize. Either way I shouldn't compare Monotheist's type of lyricism to that type.

Again pardon me. So much stuff I write on a whim that I don't really mean. As I said above, this albums instrumentation is top notch, with plenty of variety and brutality to go around. Lots of riffs WILL get stuck in your head and you'll have to explain to your grandmother whom you are eating dinner with that the music your humming is Gorguts. Ok, this didn't happen. I was humming the opener to the title track but she didn't ask. So yeah the riffs are catchy and worthy of the finest headbanging you have to offer, so save your neck muscles!

I pretty much have to give this a near perfect score as I wouldn't be listening to death metal without it right? That and the fact that the vocals, instrumentation, and lyrics are all awesome, catchy, brutal but not stupid, and technical without being showoffy. The only real minor, tiny, small, scintillating issue I have is the production is a little quiet. Wow thats really minor. I do have to have the volume pretty high to get the full effect. Aside from being really minor, that isn't realy the bands fault is it?

So for being excellent on every level, and for doing me a huge favor, Gorguts' sophmore release gets a well-earned 99 out of 100 or a 5 out of 5

With Their Flesh, He'll Create
The Erosion of Sanity
Orphans of Sickness
Odors of Existence
Dormant Misery

(notice that I listed 5 out of 8 songs, and the others are good too)