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the pinnacle of death metal - 100%

HemlockxSociety, October 31st, 2005

WOW? What's this? Wankery-free technical old school death metal? Damn, unique leader's bands should take notes. Because IT IS POSSIBLE, BELIEVE IT OR NOT, TO PLAY TECHNICAL DEATH METAL WITHOUT CONSTANT BORING BLASTURBATION AND NONSTOP TREMOLO PICKING WHICH BECOMES BORING REAL QUICKLY, the pitfalls of modern bands.

This is easily within the top 5 death metal albums of all time. Immolation (dawn of possession) and Suffocation (effigy and pierced) were trailing closely behind, but they never really achieved this level of asskicking. Them, and of course Possessed's "seven churches" belongs up around the best of the best. Anyway onto the album:

Everything about this album is executed flawlessly. Plenty of skullcrushing riffs, subtle melodies that arent flamboyant or bombastic, and perfect musicianship. The riffs go all over the place, there is no boredom here at all, no repititive riffs, no annoying drumming. Infact the drumming is perfect. The riffs all are perfect, all constructed to weave around each other perfectly, none of them sound out of place at all. The vocals are pretty much the same throughout the album, but they fit rather well, this can infact be said of many albums that absolutely dominate (torture squad - pandemonium comes to mind). Anyway, as far as highlights go on this album, its rather difficult to say, as everything on here fucking rules. I suppose the first three tracks are my favorites though, espcially the title track, which is fun to play. However, don't worry, the entire album rules. Condemned to Obscurity is a 10/10 as well, there's a piano piece which actually fits, and the opening riff for this song is excellent, the drumming here really stands out. Did I mention that this album shits all over pretty much anything and everything? Fucking untouchable.

So if you're not familiar with this album, its strongly recommended you get acqainted with it. If you can get your hands on this (ebay is probably the best method of going about getting it) I'd say go for it.. anyone who calls themself a fan of death metal should own this.