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Death Metal Perfection - 100%

AllPowerToSlaves, April 27th, 2006

After hearing from countless people that this was one of the best death metal albums of all time, I naturally had to find myself a copy as soon as I could. It took me awhile, and after pretty much giving up all hope, I stumbled across it sitting in the country section at Best Buy. How it got there I do not know, but I take it that it was a sign for me to get this album since I hardly go in any other area other than rock/pop. I snagged it, brought it home and put it in my CD player...

During my first few moments with "The Erosion Of Sanity" I instantly knew I had found something very special. As "With Their Flesh, He'll Create" blasted it's way into my mind, I could do nothing more but sit there and listen. Next, what I consider one of the sickest riffs in all of death, "Condemned To Obscurity" came on. I was so shocked at how the overall feel of the song was conveyed, as if Luc was drawing a mental picture for you. Speaking of pictures, if you listen to the title track and look at the album art it seems to make more sense, if not just something cool to look at. This is probably one, if not my favorite album cover art ever. The production is perfect, the bass in the title track and every track of the album sounds nice and springy, almost foreign. Just perfection.

"With visions in vortex that collapse endlessly"...this is what I'm talking about. The writing in this album is genius, perhaps the best writing in death metal next to Chuck Schuldiner's work. It's not all about satan and corpses and being haunted, it's about life and making it sound complex yet fully enjoyable to listen to. I listen to this album two times in a row most of the time, it's just that good. Luc's leads keep things fresh, even though they never get stale in the first place. Marcoux also has some nice leads as well, and the drumming is top notch. Most of the time it's a smooth double bass, no blast beats. The reason there are no blast beats on this album is, well, it doesn't need them because the lyrics and guitars are what is supposed to grab your attention, not the muddy sound of bass. The drums, just like everything else on the album is perfect.

To me, each song is a story. Just like with their previous album "Considered Dead" which is great in it's own right, Luc Lemay does an excellent job of making each song stand on it's own and feel to be telling a small story through lyrics. This is what I get from each song when I listen to Erosion:

1. With Their Flesh He'll Create: A no name being has the ability to re-animate the dead for his own purposes
2. Condemned To Obscurity: Being lost in a realm with nothing in site except fear...not knowing whats going on and just floating through time
3. The Erosion Of Sanity: Obviously someones sanity slowly becoming lost, as he contemplates his own existence
4. Orphans Of Sickness: How abortion and other medical procedures are common place these days, despite how wrong it really is
5. Hideous Infirmity: A person with a facial deformity is forced to look back on how his life was before, realizing atleast he still has his life
6. A Path Beyond Premonition: A way to swap the minds of the dead into fresh human beings to regain information from the past
7. Odors Of Existence: Perhaps after a war, a person is left for dead and becomes one with the Earth. These are views through his soul in it's current state
8. Dormant Misery: Being caught in your dream state, coming close to death experiences, and then waking up to do it all over again

As I've said before, I simply love this album. Anyone who enjoys death metal in any sense should seek out this album now, it's available as a two disc coupled with "Considered Dead" on Roadrunner records, who were the pioneers for death metal in the early 90's. Being as this album went out of print in 1996, I'm very happy they brought it back, seeing as I was much too young back then to appreciate it. So with that said, check it out, you won't be disappointed.