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From Wisdom to Perfection. - 98%

SlowlyWeRot666, May 18th, 2009

A long time ago, Gorguts started their career as a growling death metal band who earned their place in the death metal industry. Inspired by Death, Morbid Angel and many others, they did two awesome "old school" death metal releases. But a couple of years later, they went on hiatus. They came back as nobody would have expected. The album "Obscura" is the most technical thing Gorguts has ever done in their career. But three years later, in 2001, they did their best effort they have ever done with unorthodox riffs and melodies. Let's analyse it.

First, as Luc Lemay said, they concentrated most of their efforts in the structure of the record. In fact, the transitions between riffs and chorus are awesome. They experimented so much things before recording these tracks that the structure of the songs are almost perfect. It's not only about harmonizing, but exprimenting. The song Inverted is one of the best proof of how exprimenting gives good results. You know, Luc Lemay is in a good position to talk because he went to University for three years learning the violin and its structure.

This album has one of the best production ever. Every instrument sounds clear. You have the best proof out there that they are exceptional musician, each and everyone of them. It has an egyptian feeling to it, which make it richer in sounds and harmonizing. Quest For Equilibrium is a proof of Egyptian feeling in it. Steve Cloutier is at its best with awesome performances on most of the songs.

In fact, It can't really get any better than this. Luc Lemay has a powerful voice on this one with an endless imagination for riffs are bridge, it's unbelivable.

Well, If you guys love Death metal and some of experimental feelings to it, you will fell in lvoe with this record. It has everything to be a mdern masterpiece, Original, heavy, technical and on top of all, a unique sound that nobody can recreate. Why ? Because Gorguts are virtuosos of their own instrument. Death metal at its best.

PS: I know it is out of print and you will pay ridiculous prizes for it. But I Swear, For Wisdom to Hate really worth it!