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This could have been great... - 40%

Bonged, July 31st, 2011

Gorguts From Wisdom to Hate. Alright so we have this old school death metal band coming out with their fourth album. They had a brief period of inactivity and released their third album (which I dislike very much) but maybe this will be a different story. I mean the cover looks like something kind of old school, and the logo is tight. There are 8 tracks, typical for the death metal genre. All in all this seems like a solid album by a band that released two amazing albums Considered Dead and Erosion of Sanity, but looking past all the reviews this album has, it is nothing but trash, a soundtrack for a coma patient.

These 8 tracks have nothing behind them. When I listen to this album I get bored and I don't want to hear it anymore. Listening to the entire thing three times so I could review it was hard enough. The riffs are boring (Behave Through Mythos, Elusive Treasures), annoying (Inverted) , and slow (The Quest For Equilibrium, Unearthing the Past). I don't mind slow death metal, but only when its heavy and the riffs are good, and this album has none of it. At least Obscura has energy to it, this is just flat. I mean, this would be perfect if you enjoy shitty death metal, but most people don't want to waste their money or their time listening to something that won't get them pumped, or at least pique their interests in the slightest.

The musicianship on here isn't bad, If you like click-y double bass to slow death metal riffs then you will love the drumming, and if you like boring riffs you will love the guitar work. If you enjoy weak vocals, you will like the vocal work. Don't worry about bass, its barely in the mix and simply follows the guitars. The blast beats are weak, and for a technical death metal band like this, to do nothing but blast beats and double bass at fast parts is really disappointing . Blast beats are a total cop out for drummers now a days, back then they did other drum beats, but now you find 4 minute tracks of the same beat and its annoying. God this album sucks.

Gorguts is a lost cause, once forefathers of the death metal scene but now it is not so. I don't care about violins, 4-year music degrees, or any gimmicky bullshit. If you want to hear the best technical death metal just listen to Erosion of Sanity especially the song Condemned to Obscurity. That is what I call technical death metal, not this watered down garbage.