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Grim is rolling in his grave. - 7%

csehszlovakze, December 19th, 2011

Re-recorded versions of classic albums usually polarize fans with more tendency to negative criticism. From my listening experience I consider this one a failure.

The production is a lot cleaner than on the original, and I must say it's sterile. The atmosphere of the original cannot be found here. Drums are catastrophic. Beats sound sampled like on QPAST, which aren't that bad like there, but nowhere near to the evil sound from '97. Since Grim (RIP) couldn't play drums here for obvious reasons, Tomas Asklund handles them with less skill, and you can hear this instantly when the album kicks in with Revelation of Doom.

Guitar-wise, the album would be okay if wasn't ruined by the production. The total absence of the solo in The Rite of Infernal Invocation is another problem here. Bass guitar is also played by Infernus and is a bit harder to hear, so I won't comment it.

Pest repeats his role here as vocalist. This could be good news. His voice is the same as on Quantos Possunt ad Satanitatem Trahunt, which I find rather mediocre after his performance on the original version or Destroyer (album). Clean vocals are good in Profetens åpenbaring, but not great. Even Gaahl did better on the True Norwegian Black Metal CD. Another thing I miss are the 'clean' vocals in Blood Stains the Circle as they are replaced here with regular growls.

I find only two improvements over the original. The first of them is the absence of Postludium. I mean, that track was totally useless and more like a filler. The second one is how Pest forms the words. I can finally understand the majority of the English lyrics (I don't speak Norwegian).

To conclude everything, this one was a big mistake, maybe a cash grab. Do yourself a favour and do not buy this blindly because of the original! Get something worth your money instead.