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Gorgoroth - Under The Sign Of Hell. - 82%

tallhagillani, November 14th, 2007

It is usually assumed the Gorgoroth never worked really as hard on any album as they've worked on the legendary "Pentagram", it might be true or false, but who cares as long as the band keeps giving us solid albums like "Under The Sign Of Hell". The sound which this album contains is million times better than whatever you'll hear from the new black metal bands these days and even the old and established black metal bands cannot sound like this today because most of them have deviated from their roots and have moved towards modernity and the modern black metal sound is no way near the sound which the bands from the second wave of black metal contained.

The vocals on the entire album are perfect, Pest's (vocalist) screams are full of passion, variations, energy & hatred. Those of you who consider Judas Iscariot to be epic, you'll be blown away by the talent of Infernus (Guitars/bass), the riffs are extremely fast and unpredictable and they create such an epic sound when combined with the ravishingly brutal drumming of Grim (Drummer) that has been disappeared a long time ago. Another quality that adds to the sound on this album is that the bass does not disappear among the extremely dominating guitars and drums and this enhances the beauty of the sound. Atmosphere is that quality that Infernus always wants to add to his music, the atmosphere has been immaculately created on this album in such a quantity that you won't be able to complain about it in anyway what so ever, let me give you a hint that there's more atmosphere than that is present in Darkthrone albums.

Except song no. 5 "Postludium", every song in this album is complete in its own sense and is legendary overall. Heaviness, simplicity, brutality, great musicianship and outstanding vocals are a few words that describe this album perfectly.