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fucking savage - 100%

The_Ghoul, March 28th, 2008

There are many ways to describe this album. You could say it's the most savage album laid to disc, blasphemy in a half an hour, straight up ticket to hell, unholy perversion of all that's good, or, simply, the most effective black metal album.

As far as Under the Sign of Hell's legacy in history, it's one of the greats, up there with De Mysteriis, Storm of the Light's Bane, and In The Nightside Eclipse as genre-defining CLASSICS. However, Gorgoroth separate themselves from the pack in taking satanism to a new level. An individual song-by-song review would be ineffective, as this is a perverted ritual unto itself. Everything about it reeks of black evil, and every word screamed by Pest spits venom and bile into your face, and every beat drummed by Grim a pounding convulsion straight from the heart of hell. This is BLACK METAL like it's supposed to be made, there's nothing wrong with ANY song on Under the Sign of Hell, this is doing black metal the RIGHT WAY. Look no farther than this, because this defines satanic black metal blasphemy at its best. The atmosphere is very filthy and raw, and succeeds at being brutal and haggard where Darkthrone failed, creating an intimidatingly ugly atmosphere with maniacal drumbeats where Grim sounds like he's destroying the kit, melodic yet funereal and grim riffs pounding along with the heavily hammered drums. Bass acts counter to guitar, managing to stand out in the mix, all the while Pest screams with all his might. There is simply nothing more to ask for if you like your blasphemy raw and unhindered.