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Thunk! Thunk! Thunk! Thunk! Thunk! - 89%

OzzyApu, July 19th, 2009

Yeaaaah, you know the time has come to get your ass kicked. Guitars shredding outside the house, Grim pounding at the door, Pest shrieking on the roof, and the bass too busy smoking pot in the woods. Uh huh, you know damn well Gorgoroth are gonna eat you alive when they break in – and that’s what this whole album sounds like… a merciless assault on the senses (in a good way). After the lacking Antichrist and the disappearance of Hat, Pest took over vocal duties while Infernus started trying to write good riffs again. He also handles bass duties for the majority of the album, but overall it goes largely unnoticed.

Anyway, the atmosphere resembles Pentagram - you can feel the hateful energy surge through the air, and boy does it feel cold. All the while, melody lurks flawlessly, helping add layers of depth to keep you coming back for more and more. The replayability is through the roof since most of the songs are not only sinister, but overall fun to hear. This kind of contrasts the later output, which sounds malevolent but meandering.

The mood here feels raw, unrehearsed, and more natural than ever before. The distortion pierces through your flesh like chainsaws, but they’re tremolo and invariably thin (didn’t want to throw you off with that “shredding” in the first paragraph). Going along with the fast-paced frenzy is Grim, and I’m pretty sure he was the real riot instigator. This man is quite the beast on the battery, utilizing double bass fanatically on the opening track before going into a more precise correction through the rest of the album.

I’ll add that although production qualities vary throughout the album, it really only has a distinguishing effect on the drums. “Revelation Of Doom” sounds like Satan at the door, “Krig” is much of the same, “Funeral Procession” balances things out nicely, “Profetens Apenbaring” fucks with the double bass… god damn, the drums are jacked up on this entire album. It’s nice to hear different outputs, but this really was unnecessary for album progression. Thankfully, Grim’s superb style keeps drumming alive in this half hour of darkness.

Speaking of which, I feel as though the world gets emptier, colder, and more true-faced whenever I hear this album. We all know the world is fucked up, but we usually do a good job at bullshitting ourselves to cover it up. However, this album brings it back to basics and adds a pagan / folk touch to the whole thing – one that doesn’t sound cheesy, either. Infernus blazes with hypnotic riff after another, making this album trance-inducing with a negative appeal like on the cover.

The last icing on the cake is Pest, and holy shit am I glad he’s back in the band. I know Hat was a ghoul when it came to shrieking, but Pest had the mutilated scream down from the very beginning. His shrieks are extra distorted like the guitars, so it goes hand in hand with that airy / synthetic tone; this isn’t a problem since the previously mentioned attributes lend well to the music. Rarely he’ll exhale with deep, profound cleans, and they work only to a certain extent for me since they kind of sound over-the-top.

Otherwise, this album is essential for fans of Gorgoroth or fans who wish to check out Gorgoroth. I’d hint at looking at Pentagram first to grab hold of Infernus’ style if you haven’t heard it yet, but go for this the second you want more.