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A very raw and cold blooded classic! - 98%

DarkStep01, April 21st, 2012

This CD is one of my alltime favorites of black metal, no ways around it.
It is everything I love about the genre, it is evil, raw, angry, uncaring and original. This would be Gorgoroth's magnum opus as they have yet to top this one. It managed to not only easily surpass Antichrist in musicianship and brutality but it even passes Pentagram in the same aspect. Everyone is on top of their game here. Pest would never sound any more evil or vicious as he does here, his performance on" Revelation Of Doom" and" Blood Stains the Circle" are blood curdling, especially on "Blood Stains the Circle", he sounds as if he is slowly going insane the longer the song goes on. Pest shows just how powerful and diverse of a vocalist he is on" Profetens Upenbaring" where he mixes his evil snarls and screams with an operatic sounding clean voice.

Infernus is the star of the show as usual, yet again he is playing both Bass and Electric guitar and he exceeds on both. He truly plays some Heaven shattering riffs that just oozes of morbid perfection. His riffs are hauntingly evil but very pleasing to hear at the same time. The best thing about the riffs though are the style they are composed in, they add a bit of complexity to the songs instead of being completely straight forward. To be honest, his bass is nothing special here. It isn't bad but when you actually do hear it it's usually just following the guitar. Not really an issue though because you rarely hear it. He also wrote all the music here so it's no surprise it's as good as it is.

Grim may not have been around long, but nobody can deny how great of a drummer he was. His drumming adds so much more brutality to the music. He opens the record with his ferocious pounding and furious double bass on "Revelation Of Doom" his drumming is very intense and merciless on the ears. I mean that in a good way too. Although he isn't playing in a technical or diverse manner, he drums his heart out and really makes the songs have more ferocity than usual. I don't think "Revelation of Doom" would have been the same without him.

The production is freaking awesome. It sounds so grim and cold, having them play their instruments with better production just simply would not work. It is easier to take them seriously with the raw and vitrolic production that this CD has. Grim's drums sound really bad, but again, it is perfect in its badness due to the kid of music we are dealing with.

The only reason I do not give it a perfect score is because of the pointless track "Postludium". It disrupts the flow of the CD and seems very out of place.
This is one hell of a CD (No pun intended) and I rank it up there as one of the greatest Metal albums you can purchase along with "Pentagram"