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One of the best examples of modern Black Metal - 98%

queen_cyanide, July 14th, 2005

This has to be one of the best albums of 2003.

Compared to their older material, Gorgoroth's "Twilight of the Idol's" has remarkably clear production - so if you're one of those people who will immediately dismiss a Black Metal release if you can actually hear what's going on, you may want to miss this one.

What captivated me with this album particularly is the vocal work done by Gaahl. There is a great deal of range and emotion portrayed here, and thanks to excellent production, is clearly brought out.

The album starts with "Procreating Satan" - introduced with crushing speed and haste, finalizing with the chant of "Praise Satan". It's a pretty quick song, but it's an instant anthem and excellent build-up to what the album has in store for the listener.

Overall, the riffs on this album are perfect - grim (for lack of a better word), dark, emotional, aggressive, melancholy and interesting. I expect many "tr00" BM fans may find the guitar work a little too catchy (or Death Metal inspired), but if you're open to dark sounding music then you'll definitely enjoy this.

For me personally, standout tracks include; "Procreating Satan", "Exit Through Carved Stones", "Teethgrinding", and "Of Ice and Movement".

The only reason I didn't give this album 100% was because of the instrumental. What the..?