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Death metal meets gorgoroth - 60%

judasiscariot, October 23rd, 2004

Let me start by saying the first song is excellant, along with the 4th song. Other then that this album is pretty average. Heaps of palm muting riffs that sound like death metal along the lines of deicide (not really death metal but that's another story). The recording is pretty good considering its of a high production. Its pretty noisy/heaps of guitar distortion, which gives the impression of rawness yet the production is clear. The material is what lets this album down terribly. The riffs are boring, slow, sometimes heavy (goes against black metal). This album is one of those useless ones in my collection. I put it on the hear the two tracks I like and then put it away for a couple of months. If you really like Gorgoroth check it but beware it might not be what you expect. If you are not into black metal that much and want variety you may find this to be for you (espiecially if you like new darkthrone from panzerfaust onwards.
The picture on the front cover is good, but the music does not do it any justice. If you are interested in listening to the two good songs off this album I suggest you download them. Who buys an album for two good songs? I expect Gorgoroth to release a single to increase sales.