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Familiar, yet Too Familiar - 76%

PaganWinter_44, February 19th, 2006

This album was the second black metal album I purchased. I owe a lot of respect to Gorgoroth for always achieving multiple musical stlyes within their albums. This album is average, at best.

The very beginning of this album makes you want to jump back in your seat. Normally, a band would use a two-minute ambient intro to their albums or a quote from a movie. Gorgoroth, however, usually decides to go in blasting and never look back. In other albums, like Destroyer, they have started out this way. "Procreating Satan" is an all-out blast fest. They go in and immediately manage to plow away as if their lives depended on it. A few minutes into the song, they go into a half-time feel and just keep repeating "Praise Satan" over and over again. Since when did Gorgoroth become Dark Funeral?

After their initial blasting, they begin to move into a darker and more melodic stage. The biggest surprise is the song "Teeth Grinding". The vocals in this song are actually understandable, and the guitars have a sense of melody and harmony, or as much harmony as can be found in metal. This is a surprise because Gorgoroth doesn't usually play in this style. It's an improvement, if you ask me.

This album's structure is nothing new. If you want an idea of how this album is, then just listen to Destroyer or any other album, then you'll have a sense. Gorogoroth is a band that feels the need to repeat themselves with their styles in the albums. For once, can someone change the usual? It is much appreciated when it comes, but rarely seen.

I only recommend this album to the ones who have never heard Gorgoroth. If you are a fan of them already, then it will not do much good to listen to this album, eventhough it is a decent album. The only problem is it is nothing new. If you're looking for originality, then you will not find it here.