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Carrying the torch from the second wave - 83%

Sigillum_Dei_Ameth, November 13th, 2009

Gorgoroth is a band that is easily known for their antics as well as their music. A band stepped in bad blood and bad luck, they have stubbornly kept soldiering on through their entire career. Their 1994 promo is an extremely short sample of what would come in the years as far as musical abilities but I truly believe they have never been able to capture what magic they had up to "Under The Sign of Hell" which afterwards they became without a doubt part of the poster boys for everything wrong with black metal next to the idols that "Lords of Chaos" fans continue to worship.

What strikes me the most about this demo is the sound, as it has a 'frozen in time' feel to it which perfectly describes what was at the very tail end of the 2nd wave just right before the 3rd wave kicked-in. Original lead singer Hat's vocals are very hollow-sounding while guitars have the classic bee's nest buzzing going on. Guitarist Infernus has done his homework that's for sure. Drums are a bit muddy but clicky in some parts and you can hear a tom roll here and there.

"Katharinas Bortgang" wastes no time with delivering Satan's goodies. Hat is shrieking his head off and sounds like he is stranded in a blizzard. Around 2:30 - 2:41 we hear some excellent tempo changes that keeps the momentum building and then at 2:42 we are thrown into what is my favorite riff ever made by Infernus. "MĂ„neskyggens Slave" starts off with a chaotic frantic riff that slows down to a doom-like crawl. This song is total Darkthrone/Mayhem/Burzum worship where you know you've heard these riffs before but for a band like Gorgoroth to do the same style of music, there really is no hint of idol worship here. No, Gorgoroth are already at an early period in their career are already finding themselves at a tremendous rate.

If you are like me and the hundreds of thousands of others whom have grown tired of Gorgoroth's antics over the years but still remember at a time when they were pretty legit in making music, this is obviously a must-have. For only two songs, I wouldn't be surprised if I prefer to listen to this than anything else in their discography in the years to come.