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Gorgoroth- Pentagram - 78%

SuperVeji4, July 15th, 2007

The black metal band Gorgoroth is said to be one of the last bands of the Second wave, so it is hard for them to show what they could do without people thinking that they were just another copycat band. Technically they were, but that dosen't change the fact that they made excellent music that actually sounded convincing. The majority of black metal bands have similar image, sound, and theme; Gorgoroth had the same characteristics, but they were one of the few bands that made it look more than just a gimmick.

The album Pentagram has everything that is expected from a Black Metal release: screeching vocals, intense atmosphere, below average production, Satanic-themed lyrics, and simple guitar works and drum beats. This may sound a bit boring, especially since the album cover is simply a black cover with Gorgoroth on it, but Gorgoroth are in fact one of the few bands that pull off the 'Satanic' image. Their performance on this album seems very real and true, with the vocalist Hat having very strong vocals that gives off a hint of real, ginuine anger and hate. It is Hat that actually stands out from all the members on this album.

There isn't much for me to say about this album except the atmosphere and performance that they have made from this album. It is filled with hate and anger that actually sounds real and you can't help but feel angry while listening to this album. This is what makes it a solid release. This album is simply a preview of what was to come on their furture releases. It is on Antichrist on which they began to shine and really show what they were capable of. This album simply shows promise and potential, which is what makes it a worthy black metal release.

Highlights: Crushing The Scepter, Ritual, Katharinas Bortgang, Guldrelokk